Defender Control v1.2

Windows Defender is included with Windows . It’s one small software application that works in the shadows to help you protect ,your laptop or computer from malware (malicious software) like trojans, spyware and adware, along with other perhaps unnecessary applications.

Some malware protection is better than none, and it’s inbuilt and free! But… if you will be already running something which provides great anti-malware protection, defender will most likely using up valuable resources , there’s you don't need to convey more than one application running at a time.

You are able to turn the program’s real-time safety off temporarily, but when it’s off for some time Windows will change it back on automatically. It really is unclear why Microsoft made a decision to switch the behaviour of Windows Defender in this connection. What exactly is certain however would it be will annoy users who would like to disable it permanently on the pc they may be working on.

Download and install Defender control and unzip after that it run this software , you can observe your Windows defender status about the Program interface :

1. Green – Windows defender is running
 2. Red – Windows defender is turned off
 3. Orange – Entweder Windows defender can not be started oder Real-Time protection is turned off

Defender Control Download:
Download page: Defender Control 1.2 | 398 KB (Freeware)
View: Defender Control Home Page