LAV Filters 0.69

LAV Splitter is usually a multi-format media splitter for DirectShow. It can be depending on ffmpeg and libbluray and is also directed to provide a all-around strategy to excellent playback of file-based Media in addition to Blu-rays.

Supported Formats:

Matroska/WebM, MPEG-TS/PS, MP4/MOV, FLV, OGM/OGG, AVI, and a lot more.

All package formats maintained by ffmpeg are based on LAV Splitter. Even though the assistance will not be 100% ideal for *every* format, the list of recognized formats is extremely extensive, and 99% of all content might “just work”.

LAV Filters megamix Download:
Download: LAV Filters 0.69 | 10.0 MB (Open Source)
View: LAV Filters Website