Malwarebytes 3.0

Malwarebytes free protects you from malware, ransomware, along with advanced online threats which have rendered antivirus obsolete and ineffective. 

Malwarebites 3.0 have been produced from the bottom up and today offers combined Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware, Website Protection, Anti-Exploit, and Remediation technologies all towards a single product (malewarebytes). Also it scans your laptop or computer 3-4 times faster! You can get Malwarebytes download link below.

Scans faster, scans smarter
Lightning-fast Hyper Scan mode targets exactly the threats which are currently active. Faster analysis. Still gets results. Operate a scan without anyone's knowledge when you boot up your favorite game. It's made by the time you're ready to play.

Malwarebytes Free Download:
Download: Malwarebytes | 49.6 MB (Free, paid upgrade available)
View: Malwarebytes Website