MediaInfo 0.7.91

MediaInfo is usually a convenient unified display of probably the most related technical and tag data for audio and video files. It's Open-Source applications which means customers and programmers have opportunity to review, to enhance and also to redistribute this software (BSD-style license).

MediaInfo Features:

  • Read many audio and video data file types
  • Watch details in various formats (text, sheet, tree, HTML...)
  • Personalize these watching formats
  • Export details as text, CSV, HTML...
  • Gui, mediainfo command line interface, or library (mediainfo.dll/.so/.dylib/mediainfo tool) versions available
  • Combine using the shell (drag 'n' drop, and Context menu)
  • Internationalisation: display any vocabulary on any operating-system
Mediainfo Download:

Download: MediaInfo 0.7.91 | 4.8 MB (Open Source)
Download: Portable MediaInfo 0.7.91 32-bit | 2.8 MB
Download: Portable MediaInfo 0.7.91 64-bit | 3.9 MB
View: MediaInfo Homepage