Serviio 1.8

Serviio media server is an absolutely free media server. It enables anyone to stream your media files (video, music or images) to renderer devices (e.g. a TV set, games console, Bluray player, or mobile phone) on your own connected home network.


  • Streams audio, video (SD & HD) and image files within their native format or transcoded in real-time
  • Streams content on the internet sources, like RSS feeds, web page content, live audio/video streams
  • Facilitates most recognized playlist platforms
  • Immediately updates the media library whenever you add/update/remove a media file or perhaps a metadata file
  • Encourages various editable renderer profiles
  • Facilitates video thumbnails, CD covers, DVD posters, etc.

Serviio app download:
Download: Serviio 1.8 | 129.0 MB (Freeware, paid upgrade available)
View: Serviio Website | Other Operating Systems (Serviio mac)