UltraDefrag 7.0.2

UltraDefrag is really an open source hard drive defragmenter for Microsoft windows. It could rapidly defragment every thing which includes data files which can be usually locked by Windows. For example, UltraDefrag can re-join paging and hibernation files.

Ultra Defrag boosts your computer by defragmentation of data files. When files contain many little fragments dispersed round the disk the computer wants more physical attempt to read them. For that reason the hard drive accessibility becomes more slowly. UltraDefrag decreases the data file fragmentation, as a result it makes hard drive functions faster. And also the software can improve an entire disk by putting small files near to one another, sorted by path (or other criteria). Following the disk optimisation less mechanical tasks are required to read categories of small files. This minimizes startup times of many programs including web and photo browsers. You can get Ultradefrag Download

Ultra Defrag Free Download:
Download page: UltraDefrag 7.0.2 | ~7.0 MB (Open Source)
Link: UltraDefrag Home Page